A Complete Nordic Tour

The love for Scandinavia runs through our heart, well we are what you call Scandinavian, yet as a fair advisor we know the best Scandinavian cities to visit one should travel to. Keeping in mind the whole Halal Generic and that amazing vibe you get when you travel, the one you get from absorbing everything around you.

So let’s get down and have a Complete Nordic Tour!

1. Helsinki

Number one destination on the Complete Nordic Tour

If you get a chance to roam the streets of Helsinki you would notice what we had noticed when putting Helsinki in the Nordic Tour list. Helsinki seems as it was built by a group of artist and free thinkers. The environment so aesthetically pleasing, the atmosphere so calm but yet so alive and streets and architecture simply phenomenal. Then there’s the city’s palette of seasonal colors; fluctuating between intense summer greens, concentrated Baltic blues, and the crystalline white of Nordic winter.
The proof of the amazing architecture comes from the inspirational locations that follow this verse; In the midst of Helsinki’s lively city center is located what may be not so common everywhere Kamppi Chapel of Silence a sanctuary of calmness

2. Oslo

Number two destination on the Complete Nordic Tour

Oslo is the capital city of Norway, and yes packs the most urban punch with a touch of art, history and culture of Norway maybe this is the reason it has made it to this Nordic Tour Article. That brings us to the Viking Ship Museum; home to three historical ships made from oak from the Viking era in 820, yes you got that right from the real Viking era. Akershus Castle and Fortress, which was used during the middle Ages, still serves as a military base today. Following this dive in history is another supporting lesson, The Fram Museum. Frams are still known as the strongest wooden ships that ever set sail in the ocean. Famous 19th century Norwegian ice-defying polar exploration ship that to this day holds the world records for sailing farthest south and farthest north

2 more reasons for Oslo to sit at number two on This Complete Nordic Tour is the Resemblance of iceberg jetting out of a fjord, the Oslo Opera House is an ace in Oslo’s deck. The sleek-futuristic design encourages visitors to climb to the top as mere activity to keep the place live and filled with happy traveler. The Oslo Icon sits on the Oslo waterfront, and is home to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. Coming next to increase the charms of Oslo is the first, Hallvards Cathedral, The Oslo Domkirke (Oslo Cathedral) was built in the first half of the 12th century, if you still are impressed by its importance get this, the Norwegian Royal Family and the Norwegian Government use the Cathedral for public events.

Opera House

3. Copenhagen

Number three destination on the Complete Nordic Tour

A city that we can only dream of or see on man made television brought to existence. Copenhagen is a city of many admirers. The Trivoli Gardens is considered a national treasure as its sleek architecture, scenic beauty and amazingly green gardens are an inspiration to the people who inspire themselves such as the stunningly creative story writer and entertainer Walt Disney and Hans Christian Andersen. Some even say the idea behind Disney world came from here.

Another reason for Copenhagen to bag the number three spot on the Nordic Tour is its attachment to Danish royal history. Copenhagen is home to the Amalienborg Palace, the museum for Danish royal history with admirers of generations and beyond as Danish royalty is considered the oldest monarchies. Amalienborg is made up of four identical buildings. These are Christian VII’s Palace, Frederik VIII’s Palace, Christian IX’s and Christian VIII’s Palace. Lastly Amalienborg Museum offers the secluded interiors of the utmost current kings and queens and a display on the monarchy today with its numerous traditions.
Beholding exhibitions form from the Stone Age, the Viking Age, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Modern Danish History Denmark’s National Museum in Copenhagen is considered the top spot for historians and history enthusiast as they treasure the memories the museum has held for them to gaze upon. The welcoming culture of the museum is in itself the indication that you need to put Copenhagen on number three on the Nordic Tour Article.


5. Stockholm

Number four destination on the Complete Nordic Tour

Djurgården has been a in important part of the amazing ranking of Stockholm in being number four on theNordic Tour. Djurgården calm waterside and woodland trails and being home to the many museums and five centuries of Swedish houses and farmsteads and observe wild Nordic animals. Djurgården is easy to access from the city center by tram or on foot, it’s well worth hopping on a public ferry from Slussen.

Walking down Götgatan you’ll soon end up in the quirky and trendy SoFo (South of Folkungagatan) area with an abundance of small independent fashion shops and pleasant restaurants. Yes a chance to visit the Southern island Sodermalm in its hip urban atmosphere.

Now if you went through the article with the traveler’s devotion, you may have kind of fallen in love with all 4 locations. We also have, and that is why we at Norway Halal Tours have prepared a special package for enthusiast such as yourselves to cover the Complete Nordic Tour and we can add the top spot on the package if you see fit.


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