You are currently reading  Norway Halal Tours Blogs, an initiative for travelers around the world to grow and stay informed about the most trending Halal destinations. So let’s get back to business with the 7 reasons why Every Arabi should travel to Norway.

1. The Breathtaking Beauty

1 of 7 reasons why Every Arabi should travel to Norway

The first reason why Arabi’s or anybody with a heart should travel to Norway is a country truly blessed by Allah (SWT), from the moment you enter the Norwegian Airspace you will see the beautiful Fjords (Mountains and Valleys in Norwegian) surrounding you, the sky as if was the floor of Jannat and lakes that you always dreamed of seeing. Lush green mountains with amazing water bodies are a common sight here at Norway with numerous and spectacular Norwegian waterfalls, Norwegian glaciers, and fresh water lakes and of course the Lyngen Alps to top it of with. Watch the video we’ve complied to see the words in moving pictures.

trollstigen norway(1)

2. Problem Free Access

2 of 7 reasons why Every Arabi should travel to Norway

Norwegians are no doubt one of the most welcoming people in the world but they tend to have a special place in their heart for Arabi’s. Every UAE passport holder has the epic opportunity to visit Norway visa free (on arrival of course) and we are jealous ??. Leaving this amazing fact aside almost every airline has flights from United Arab Emirates to Norway with every available class and you reach Norway in just about 12 hours. This makes traveling to Norway extremely easy and that is why included in one of our 7 reasons why Arabi’s should travel to Norway!

3. Completely Halal

3 of 7 reasons why Every Arabi should travel to Norway

Another reason why Arabi’s should travel to Norway is because they’ll be getting the Halal they want and more. The first thing every Muslim asks when traveling to Europe is, “Is the Food Halal”, well as we earlier told you that Norwegians are very welcoming that includes us as! We have gone through the fjords and back for our pack of precious Muslim brothers and sister to eat everything halal and yummy including the famous Halal Reindeer steaks (any meat lover should visit us every two months for this tasty feast) Or even the spectacular reindeer biryani.

turkish cuisine

4. Totally Worth it.

4 of 7 reasons why Every Arabi should travel to Norway

For many people around the world they would think that Europe is expensive, well telling the truth it is, but for them. The UAE Dirham is almost twice the Norwegian Kroner that means if a trip is worth 100 kroner that means you’ll be getting it for almost 50 Dirham (isn’t the exchange rate blissful). Also our NHT travel packages that carry the amazing Norway essence such as reindeer sledging and whale watch start form less than 5000 Dirham (and we know you make that in a month). Doesn’t this qualify as another reason for Arabi’s should travel to Norway?

5. The Best Family Vacation Spot

5 of 7 reasons why Every Arabi should travel to Norway

A tour of Norway is filled with amazing activities and adventure such as ferry trips, kayaking, snow mobile safari and many more boost family bonding and encourages the family to spend time with each other after all isn’t that the main reason of a family vacation. If you are in the mood for a family vacation this is the only place you need to be.

Strynsvatn camping

6. Feels Just like Home

6 of 7 reasons why Every Arabi should travel to Norway

The most vital reasons why Every Arabi should travel to Norway is because we at Norway Halal Tours, offer tours with your native language and tour operator. It means you’ll be offered and amazing tour from a person who is close to your needs and preferences. Imagine getting around Norway and learning about it in Arabi and being able to get yourself guided through any and every thing without an issue.

7. The Most Facilitating packages

7 of 7 reasons why Every Arabi should travel to Norway

If you are reading this means you understand now how much we care for our customers both in terms of financial and non-financial terms. Leave your email with us and your personal tour operator will contact you to make your trip to Norway picture perfect! Isn’t a personal tour planner a good reason for every Arabi to travel to Norway!


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